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We live in a time of great uncertainty with historic challenges. We must create a new civilization to meet planetary and human needs at a scale and complexity never seen before. A response requires vision, courage and collaboration. It always has in history.
We see these social, economic and physical responses through an aesthetic lens. If politics is the art of getting something done, an aesthetic provides the visionary and analytical processes through which “something” is generated. To do so today means architecture must operate in historic and scientific dimensions.

We feel the most sustainable forms are those that emerge through a process of willful disclosure. By enhancing the qualities latent in a place and inherent in human activity, a design acquires vitality in form. The nature of context and activities evolve over time, so design must be both original in its derivation and adaptable. This is not merely a technical challenge, but one of poetic dimension. If form is alive with the spirit of its place and people, a simple vitality can endure and contribute for generations. To nurture that is our calling.